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SEO services (Search Engine Optimization)

It is an established fact that most of the traffic any website gets comes from search engines. So in order to get more visitors to your website you will need to have a high ranking in search results which can be achieved in several ways. The following SEO services can be used separately or combined together to get better search engine ranking:

Web page search engine optimization:

Includes adding keywords, description meta tags and optimizing title and content in each webpage of the website to include well organized keywords in the text body which makes the website appear in top position in search results. Keywords are either chosen by the customer or a research is done to find the appropriate search terms or keywords that will get as many visitors to site as possible. keyword research includes finding keywords with high traffic, studying the current search results for these keywords, and evaluating competitors to produce a list of the best keywords to use then editing your website pages to utilize these keywords in website content and meta tags.

Offline Search engine optimization techniques:

TextLinks.com These includes methods to get external links to your website from valuable sources that will push your website higher in search engine results

  • Link building is one of the methods to improve your presence in search engine results as search engines, especially Google, value links to websites in showing results. Link building is achieved in many ways : link exchange, three way linking or one way linking. Of all these ways, one way linking is the most effective as it is seen by search engines as a credit to your website from other sites on the Web.
  • Directory submission is a good way to increase search engine ranking as directories are one source of organizing links to sites and some of them are ranked high in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search providers.
  • Social bookmarking is a way of organizing people's favorites online opposite to offline favorites or bookmarks on your browser. This is useful for users to have their bookmarks anywhere. Social bookmarks are valued by search engines when counting inbound links to a website.
  • Article distribution: There are many article directories on the Internet which contains articles organized in categories. You can benefit by writing an article or having an article written for you that contains links to your website and distributed to article directories. Links can have anchor text with your preferred keywords in the article body and linked to any page in your website.

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Directory submission service

Finding the required information on the web is not easy with the growing number of websites every day. Search engines strive to add new sites which makes searching even harder. This is where web directories come to effect. Information in web directories is categorized according to the type of website, regional location and several other factors.

Directories are categorized according to main interests of Internet users and each main category is divided into subcategories where websites are placed. Some web directories are more updated than others this is why it is important to know which are the best Internet directories to search for your information in.

Most directories rely on webmasters to submit their websites to which makes human editing a must to verify the submitted websites and choose the best category that a website will fit in. Directory submission is a basic and important step in getting inbound links which affects a website's rank in Google and other search engines. Directories should be carefully chosen in order to have a positive effect on your website search engines ranking.

As the search for high quality web directories to submit your website to is a difficult and time-consuming process and acceptance of your website placement in a directory is not always guaranteed, SEO companies offer a "directory submission service" to clients seeking effective results. Other proven techniques to rank high in search engines is by getting your website link added to as many related sites as possible. Our offer includes:

  • Web Directories submission - Your website link will be added to up to 2500 directories.
  • Social bookmarking submission
  • Other SEO services

Web directory listing will benefit your website in building its link popularity. Google ranks sites according to their link popularity and one way links have more weight than link exchange that's why directories have the advantage of affecting your website rank in search engine results for the keywords you choose.

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Advertise your website online

Web marketing is a must today. With over 100 million websites on the web your chances of being seen is small unless you promote your website or advertise online, we have accumulated a number of Advertising opportunities you can join to make your website seen to millions of people across the Internet. Our SEO team will optimize your website for high search engine ranking, manage an Internet marketing plan and will help you choose the best advertising services available to ensure quality traffic to your site which will convert well.

Earn money from your website by selling ad space

If you have your own website and interested in selling ads on your website, Type your website domain name in the form and a representative of a well know advertising agency will contact you to help you decide which ad you will earn best from.

There are other sources of income that will help you make money from your website, check these opportunities for extra income from your website:



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